The institution was officially establishedin 2019 as per the state administrative council decision. The college was inaugurated by Director Colleges Dr. Yaseen Ahmed Shah nodal principal Dr. Yasmeen Ashai from rented accommodation. College is affiliated with the Cluster University Srinagar. As the creation of infrastructure is in process, the college remained committed to academic as well as co-curricular activities. The college has a plant o develop into a multi disciplinary institution with diverse streams and courses as a framework medium of learning that may help to build skills, critical thinking, leadership qualities, and ethical values. College is committed to getting over the infrastructural difficulties, to pick the required pace of development. Hopefully, the college will allow exposure to a well-established institution.

The vision and mission of Government Degree College, Allochi Bagh is rooted in our firm stead fastness to strive for achieving our goals relentlessly. We believe in imparting sound higher education to our students and helping them steer towards a sustainable tomorrow.


Be one of the core centers of learning in the state reflected through an exceptional fineness in teaching and research. To focus on academic collaborations at national and international level and foster an exchange of knowledge. And creating new paradigms of progressive, inclusive, and ethical education.


To promote quality education and provide an intellectually enriching environment for our students, invest in their personal growth, and direct them to pursue knowledge and higher learning skills. To focus on universal values of truth, justice, and equity. To instill a sense of responsibility towards the larger community in our students. To enlighten, empower the young generation with multi-skilled education and prepare them for a responsible, liable and dynamic role in society.